Three Ways To Whiten Teeth

Want fast or long? The process of teeth whitening you can select as contents of the bag and needs. The most common way is chosen to whiten teeth usually with gel. However, it could be with the help of laser teeth whitening or tape.
  1. Whitening with Gel Bleaching using a bleaching gel that can be done at home. Which must be done before the patient is examined teeth whitening with your doctor to see the situation. If he has cavities, the teeth will be patched first to avoid irritation. Gel into the teeth and gums will cause a heavy feeling sore.

    Once the filling is done, the doctor will then print out any teeth. This is useful when making the sample tray (container) in the dental laboratory. After a few days, be prepared tray and implementation by using gel cosmetic dentistry can be done at home. How to bleach it is as follows: apply a whitening gel in the tray and snap the tray on your teeth, then pressed to remove excess gel that is not covered in gum. Excess gel was cleaned with a cotton bud. Bleaching is done during night sleep. When you wake up in the morning, a new tray can be removed, after that brush your teeth and wash his tray. During the tooth does not have problems, such as the date or other, then it can still be used. If carried out for three consecutive days, then the coveted white teeth will soon be held.

    For the record, if the sense of pain arising from these treatments, teeth whitening should be stopped two or three days until the sense of pain is no longer felt. Then to see the changes clearly, do teeth whitening only on the upper or lower jaw first. That way, you can see the difference between before and after treatment. The cost of dental care package with this gel around Rp. 1.5 to 2 million. Oh yes, the patient may also choose gel flavors, like mint, banana or other. 

  2. Bleaching with Laser Bleaching in this way is usually performed for severe cases. "Not like a gel, cosmetic dentistry is to be done in the clinic with the help of a dentist. This is due to the higher content of whitening teeth - up to 35 millimeter, while the composition of the whitening gel only 10 -15 ml, so if it is not done carefully, it could lead to a sense of pain is quite severe. Because it can lead to irritation of the gums, then your doctor will usually provide security in advance of the gums.

    After that, the bleaching process, the gums will be illuminated with light that is high enough, then rinsed and irradiated again. Changes will be visible only within 0.5 to 1 hour. For good results, the patient should perform regular dental care as well, such as brushing your teeth regularly. 

  3. Bleach bleaching with masking tape This is the fastest teeth whitening, it only took half an hour. However, the results are not durable. If another bleaching can last 3 years, with masking tape only lasted a few days. In the bleaching process, masking tape affixed to the teeth whitening for half an hour. And after it is released, the teeth will be whiter look. This method is also a disposable manner.

    If on other occasions have changed tooth color, mounting tape can be reused. Typically, a packet of bleach tape has a two year shelf life. 
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