Secrets Have Healthy Teeth And Sparkling

Have healthy and shiny teeth not only make you look more attractive and confident. But, we also get to enjoy the food we eat. It is therefore important to take care of our teeth.

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day That 70 percent of dental problems can be overcome if we brush teeth thoroughly. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day for two to four minutes to remove plaque. 

  2. Gargle Do not just rinse after brushing alone. Gargle every after eating snacks were good for your oral health. If necessary, you can use mouthwash to reduce the risk of dental decay. 

  3. Consumption of foods rich in nutrients To get strong teeth, you need to incorporate nutrient-rich foods on the menu list. Multiply the consumption of vegetables or fruits that contain vitamin B such as avocado, spinach, or broccoli to keep teeth healthy and strong. 

  4. Include milk in your menu Dairy products may reduce gum disease and helps maintain teeth to stay white. In addition to protecting and strengthening the tooth enamel, solid cheese like cheddar is very effective to clean and whiten teeth. 

  5. Avoid drinking soda As much as possible stay away from cola or other soda beverages because it can cause stains on our teeth. If you really want to drink soda, use a straw to minimize stains on your teeth. 

  6. Do not smoke Smoking is not only harmful to the body, but also aggravate dental health and appearance. The nicotine content in cigarettes can cause damage to teeth and cause bad breath. So, stop your smoking habit. 

  7. Replace regular toothbrush If you already use a toothbrush over a period of one year, immediately replace your toothbrush. Or, do not wait a year, if the toothbrush bristles are worn or bloom, it means you have to change the sign toothbrush. 

  8. Use a good product To get rid of all the food particles, use a good toothbrush. Instead, choose a toothbrush designed scientifically to help you reach all the mouth area. In addition, also use fluoride toothpaste.

  9. Regularly to the dentist This is the most often forgotten by many people, see a dentist. To maintain oral hygiene, your teeth at least consult a doctor at least once a year. 

  10. Use dental floss Flossing can help keep your teeth and remove plaque on the teeth. So, make it a habit to clean your teeth using dental floss at least twice a week. 
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